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[SOLVED] Question about project configuration file

  • I'm working again on the QtCreator project file for building the Lua libraries, and this time I'm trying to take advantage of the QtCreator project configuration page since it makes it easier to choose the build type (you can choose it from the project build toolbar).
    I'm settting up build configurations for the project so that you can choose either debug or release, and either the static or shared lib. In particular, the last two builds configure the library to compile as shared library by using a "DEFINES+=LUA_BUILD_AS_DLL" additional configuration option. I am successful in that, seems like it works just fine.

    All those settings are saved in a .pro file which binds the settings to the local Qt installation and configuration options. But QtCreator will ask for a build config on project load if there is no configuration or the existing configuration does not have a valid kit set up. So, if I were to give this project to someone, including the .pro file, would those build configs be maintained? If no, how would QtCreator behave? (maybe, simply replacing the configuration with a new one?)

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    I haven't yet tested it but "this": might be of use

    Hope it helps

  • I was reading that but I'm not sure I can share kits and build settings... I'll give it a chance though. Thanks ;)

  • Turns out I can share the build settings, but they are tied to my local settings. So if I have a kit named "Qt-is-the-best" that is placed in C:\MyKit, a user that I share the project with should have the very same kit name and placed in the very same folder. So it is totally useless for my purpose.

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