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Application behaviour is not the same on all computers with the same operating system

  • We are writing an application that is running on Linux, redhat 6.3. We are several persons working on the application and now we get different behaviour on different machines. If I run the application on my machine some buttons do not appear. If I run the application on another machine, the buttons do appear. Has anyone experience with this problem? All the computers we have tested have Linux, redhat 6.3. What can be the reason?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What does you application do ?

    Are the misbehaving buttons any visibility conditions on them ?

  • The application is showing images and image overlays. The buttons that are not showing when I run the application is buttons on a stacked widget. The position of some fields are also positioned differently on my computer. Can it be different settings in environment variables?

  • Uninitialized member variables maybe? Then the button visibility could depend on whatever the memory contains before starting the application.

  • The problem was related to the QT Creator installation.... The problem was solved by removing files related to a previous QT Creator version.

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