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Using qGreater<T> with custom objects ...

  • Hello,

    How would one go about using qGreater<T> from QtAlgorithms with a custom object?

    Do I have to implement a specific operator?

    Thank you.

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    You need to implement the corresponding operator > for your custom object. If you are using Qt 5, you are encourage to use std::greater directly

  • That member is obsolete in Qt 5.4:

    Anyway, you should implement your own function to compare your objects. Here you have an example:

    @bool caseInsensitiveLessThan(const QString &s1, const QString &s2)
    return s1.toLower() < s2.toLower();

    int doSomething()
    QStringList list;
    list << "AlPha" << "beTA" << "gamma" << "DELTA";
    qSort(list.begin(), list.end(), caseInsensitiveLessThan);
    // list: [ "AlPha", "beTA", "DELTA", "gamma" ]

  • Thanks, I wanted to use a "greater than" in conjunction with a sorting algorithm; should I only use "std" style iterators?

    Also, can I use the std sorting algorithm with a QVector?

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