QML won't save camera settings

  • Hi all,

    I am using Qt5.2.1 (GCC 4.8, armeabi-v7a) at Windows8.1(x64) and a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini with Android 4.2.2.

    I tried to compile the qml example "qdeclarative-camera" and it worked to start the app with the smartphone and save images.

    I tried also to modify the source to test some settings like changing exposuretime, iso, focus, contrast, etc.

    Whatever I tried to change - contrast, iso or saturation - nothing happened.

    camera.imageProcessing.saturation = 1
    console.debug( camera.imageProcessing.saturation )
    camera.imageProcessing.contrast = 1
    console.debug( camera.imageProcessing.contrast )[/code]

    The output is 0 instead of 1.

    What states or status do the camera should have to save the settings? Does it need to be stopped? Does it need a special captureMode? Are the settings reset by the function searchAndLock? Is it a bug at Qt5.2.1? Is Samsung blocking such functions? Do I need special variables in the pro-file like MOBILITY or TARGET.CAPABILITY?

    It's very annoying, that I can't find any hint to solve the problem on my own.

    Any hint is appreciated.


  • Bumping this as i have the same problem using Qt 5.6.0 on a RPi. Suposedly having something to do with not being able to access camera API?

  • Hi Soppe,

    I haven't found a solution via QML and/or Qt. The problem is causing (as I think) by Android itself, because Android is updating their OS so fast, that Qt devs cannot follow all the changes they made to the core nearly every month.

    My final solution was: Installing Android SDK and developing the app fully in Java.

    That wasn't my attention but I needed fully control over the Camera module and also over the Camera2 module.


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