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Load File from android and ios app

  • I use Qt Widgets on Qt 5.4.0 for Android and iOS (Mac).

    I has a file in my mac.

    How do I get the file on my Android and iOS simulator?

    I code widget for desktop before.

    I open the file using QFileDialog::getOpenFileName().

    But it seems not suit for the Android and iphone simulator.

  • I have the same problem. My solution is do your own function which will show you list of files in folder selected by you. You have to do your own UI for this function which also will fit to display resolution. It will be some fun. :)

    Greeting from Poland, land of best software engineer, I think so. :)

  • Try to build with Ministro, but I'm not sure if it has been implemented with Qt 5.4 to get the native Android UI.

  • If the file is on the Mac, you can include the file as a project resource and load with QFile

    @QFile inputfile( ":/data/yourfile.xml" );@

    Then write to the data directory on the android or ios device.

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