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Calender Cell Problem

  • I want to interact with each cell of the calender by clicking it...on first click it will display the information of that cell such as weeks n year for that cell in the textbrowser in the same dialog but on again clicking on the same cell i will move to the another dialog..so is it possible to do that...and not for one cell but for each cell individually

  • Yes. Take a look at QCalendarWidget. It has signals for when a date in the calendar is clicked. You can respond to that.

  • yeh i hv do that thing but question is that wether i can use the same cell for two clicking instance that means if i click once it will show information on textbrowser...again when i click again it move to the another dialog n both click is done one after another..

  • This is the exact same topic as "this":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/forums/viewthread/5205/P15/#31601 discussion. Closing.

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