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How to connect the object created by Qt-Creator to the class

  • Hi,

    I`m a newbie on QT. Could anyone tell me how to connect the objected created in Creator to the new class type, e.g., I created a LCDnumber in QTCreator with the name of 'lcd1', I also created a new LCD in the mainwindows.cpp, how to connect this new LCD to 'lcd1'? Because the properties of 'lcd1' can be easily defined in QtCreator,

    Thanks in advance!

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    Your description is not really clear. What do you mean by connect ? Connect like in "signals and slots" ? What do you want to connect to lcd1 ?

  • Hi, thanks for yor reply. The connection means make them exactly the same. Design the LCD in the QT creator,(for the position design) and define it in the mainwindows.cpp by lcd=new LCDnumber....;

    Actually, the original class is the QWT-dial which I load from the QWT example. I used LCDnumber as an example above. I defined a new dial with the dial class, but I also created a dial in the QTcreator by the plugin of QWT. Now, I want to make these two dials as the same one.

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    Can you show your current code ?

  • Hi,

    I include the class "speedo_meter" from the QWT example, and create the object in the mainwindow.cpp:
    d_speedo = new SpeedoMeter( this);
    d_speedo->setScaleStepSize( 20.0 );
    d_speedo->setScale( 0.0, 240.0 );
    d_speedo->scaleDraw()->setPenWidth( 2 );
    I also add a dialMater in the QtCreator with the name of DIAL, how can I make these two objects into the same one?
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    Do you mean create a custom widget containing both the SpeedoMeter and the dial ?

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