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[SOLVED]: QTableView, highlight a part of a row

  • Hello,
    I have a QTableView with the selection mode set to "row". I want to highlight only a part of the whole row, actually. Say, from column 2 to the end.

    I think I must subclass QTableView and reimplement the paint event. But I don't know how to fill the rectangle of the desired cells. Perhaps is there a more convenient way?

  • Hi,
    you want to Highlight when you select a row only ? else for the QAbstractTableModel the data is done for that (display, color, data...).

  • Yes, I'm talking when the user select a row (i.e. click on a cell of a row).
    Otherwise I would use the Qt::background role in the model.

    The final goal is to prevent the highlight color to override the background of the first cell.
    I mean, I want the first column maintains its own background even when the row is selected.

  • I tried removing the Qt::ItemIsSelectable from the first cell. The appearance is exactly as I want, but now the delegate won't open anymore...

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    You can implement you own QStyledItemDelegate and avoid drawing the selection rectangle.

  • Done. Thank you.

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