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Use the compiler on a embedded linux device?

  • Hello,

    I want to develop embedded linux project on window using Qtcreator. I have connected qt creator with the linux via ssh by adding a generic linux device.

    then, according to this doc,

    I should be able to add the Qt on the embedded linux to my QtCreator. but in reality, it doesn't allow me to do so. only local Qt Versions (those on windows) are available.

    "Select Tools > Options... > Qt4 > Add to add the Qt version for the generic Linux."

    at the top of the same doc, it reads:

    "You can connect generic Linux devices to the development PC to build, run, debug, and analyze applications on them from Qt Creator."

    How can I use the Qt, compiler, and debugger on the embedded linux to build and debug my project?

    I only want my windows QtCreator as the ui for development.


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    You do have Qt compiled and installed on the embedded board, right?

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