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Grabbing Data in QTcpServer from incoming connection

  • Hello....

    I created 2 projects separately. The first program is the client project and the second is the server project.
    On client project I have a class with the name ClientTCP that is derived from QTcpSocket, then on server project I have a class with the name SocketServer which is derived from QTcpServer

    I tried it with the connection. It works. but when I want to grab the data it didnt work.

    On class ClientTCP. I want to send a data using TextStream. The code looks like this:
    void ClientTCP::sendText(QString text)
    QTextStream out(this);
    out << text;

    I want to grab this data that was sent by ClientTCP in my client project on the class SocketServer in my server project. But I have no luck getting the data since it's on another program and I cant include the class since it should stay on the client project.

    Can somebody help me?

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    Without the code from your server it's pretty much Crystal Ball Debugging. How do you handle the connection on the other side ?

    On a side note, you don't need to subclass QTcpSocket in most of the cases, just use a QTcpSocket as member of your Client class

  • Thx for answering. I got it working now, Thanks.

    I got another problem. The problem is that if I close the client program. I dont get any notification at all, eventhough I already put a notification when a SIGNAL(disconnected()) is emitted.

    Here is the code:
    Server::Server(QObject *parent) :
    server = new SocketServer(this);

    void Server::newClientConnection()
    qDebug() << "New Connection";

    client = server->nextPendingConnection();
    connect(client, SIGNAL(disconnected()), this, SLOT(connectionClosed()));


    void ServerConnector::connectionClosed()
    qDebug() << "Client closed connection";


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    Are you properly disconnecting from the client side ?

  • Hello...

    Sry for late reply. What I do is I just close the client app. I have another server that was builded using qt3. The server runs perfectly with qt3 since it's there was a signal connectionclosed, but this is not the case in qtcpsocket. I saw some example and implement it the project but it seems didnt work for me.

    Another problem I face is:
    I need to connect this server A which I make using qtcpserver to another server B which don't use qt at all, The server B is coded using C/C++. The problem is I dont know the structure of the server B. Since I only have a server itself and no code for this at all. My question is: is there a way to connect it? if it does, how?


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    Sounds like a strange behavior

    Depending on what you want from that server your can use QNetworkAccessManager.

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