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QT Creator Gui Spinoff -- Rad Non Programmer Framework

  • QT Creator Gui Spinoff -- Rad Non Programmer Framework
    Is there any open source projects that have attempted to strip out all of the Programming related functions -- or at least limit a lot of them for a RAD platform end users could make thing with?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Out of curiosity, can you give an example of what you would like to do with that Spinoff ?

  • Drag and Drop Objects and Connect Components that do things without programming.

    A textfield would have a database built into it --
    A record button could go to the next record.

    An image Control could allow you to double click and add an image.

    No programming required in the END user Mode -- Apps would be created cross platform.

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    You do realize that you would still need to compile your application for each targeted platform ?

    And how would you implement your software logic ?

  • In the Java world through Jenkins and Gradle Scripts ipa, exe, deb, apk, dmg are created …

    Unsure about the QT Creator world.

    Software logic is through magic.

    What obstacles are you referring to? I appreciate your feedback.

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    Writing a software is more than just assembling graphical blocks. You have to provide the business logic to make your blocks work together.

    While it's something feasible for e.g. the Lego MindStorm, it's because it's a highly specialized set of components designed to operate in a very specific environment, you can't write e.g. a software like Krita without a single line of code.

    deb, dmg etc. are "just" packages containing a piece of software. They first require to build the said software (speaking of compiled code, python and the likes are a bit different)

  • We have 3 years and over 100K lines of Code written and 8 in our team.
    I'm not a student or nubey.

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    Good, then can you specify the target language you would like to support ? The audience of that spinoff ?

    On a side note, it's Qt, QT stands for Apple QuickTime which you might also be using.

    We have cloned the Repo --

    The aim is to understand the architecture and then start to isolate components. I guess the best way would be to talk with architects and ask them directly about any diagrams. I don't really think that any tool will tell you exactly this. You might use doxygen to generate diagrams but it doesn't really help if you get 10k diagrams also it doesn't work if there auto generate code or any domain specific language.

    Another way is to use profiler and visualize results. This will give you a control flow. valgrind with callgrind can be an option.

    Another way to discover what's internal can be to use gdb and break at some random place and list stack frames.

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    One starting point is the "Qt Creator API": documentation

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