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Qt Creator does not recognise iPhone device - showing red circle but displaying connected

  • Hi,
    i just try to run my app on an iPhone 6 device using Qt 5.4 final.

    When i switch project settings to standard Qt 5.4 for iOS everything compiles without errors, but
    there is a red circle instead of a green on indicating something is wrong.
    In Xcode device manager i can see the phone. Do i need somehow put the phone in developer mode?

    In preference -> Devices the current state is "Connected" with a yellow / orange circle...
    Documentation says that when current state is connected i have to set up the device in xcode...
    but i can not find the place where to set it up in xcode..

    any ideas what to do?


  • I have the same problem, you have found a solution for this?

  • Hi,

    i still have the same problem with Qt 5.5 rc.

    Documentation seems to be out of date.

    I am using xcode 6.3.2 on Mac OS X Yosemite 10.3.3 and Qt-5.5 release candidate.

    Documentation says:
    If the current device state is Connected, (the traffic light icon is orange), you need to configure the device using Xcode.

    But what and where exactly i need to configure the device?

    The device is iPhone 6 with latest iOS.

    Any ideas?


  • First of all, are you registered developer for ios or did you download free provisioning profile(never did it, so not sure if it works with Qt)?

    Apple docs about launching your app on device

    One more thing maybe its just me, but I never launch my program from Qt Creator I think Xcode is much better with ios devices, so after using qmake in Qt Creator open your project in Xcode(usually it's located in build-... direcrotry)

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