Generate .ui file from QWidget

  • Hi Guys...

    I'm developing a software solution where I have 3 application: server, client and implementation tool

    the implementation tool is our main application where we define de behaviour of our system, after that, we send this behaviour to our server, and the client use it.

    for that reason, we need to define each form used in the client side, send it to our server and after that, download it and put it on the client.

    We are thinking to use QUiLoader class to make it, but our problem is that this class need a .ui file. For that, we need to send the .ui file to our server.

    my question is... ¿how can I get a .ui file from a QWidget object? ¿can I do that?

    best regards


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    So your implementation tool would be some kind of Qt Designer ?

  • yeap... something like qt designer, but I don't need all widgets.. something like that


  • You cannot get a .ui file from a QWidget. How do you image that would work?

  • I think that Qt Designer go down over each component starting from a root Widget, take its properties and after that, put them on the xml file (the .ui file)... and the reverse process to load each .ui file. It's a tree... at less is how I would do this.

    Thank's for your answer Andre... I'm going to implement this my self. I just asked because I don't wanna make something that Qt solve it...

    Thank's to everyone

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