[SOLVED]Qt source: zoom android application

  • Hello,

    I'm with the qt 5.4 source code and would like to change the resolution of application design as a whole. That is, apply a zoom into any application.

    Already shifted in QtNative.java, QScreen.cpp, qandroidplatformscreen.cpp ... but could not get a satisfactory result.

    Is there anywhere to change it?

    I will be very grateful for the help.

    Sorry my English :-)

  • I don't understand the question very well..

    but are you using QWidget or QML.

    if QML you can use scale which will do the zoom for you.

  • QWidget.
    It would be the same idea of the smartphone browsers: You can increase or decrease the "zoom" of the web page.
    I would like to do this with a QtWidget application.

  • Hi,
    Conversation by email with BogDan, the solution emerged editing qt source:

    @public void surfaceCreated (SurfaceHolder holder)
    holder.setFixedSize ((int) (getWidth () 0.5 *),(int) (getHeight () * 0.5));

    @static public void sendTouchEvent (MotionEvent event, int id)
    (int) (event.getX (i) * 0.5)
    (int) (event.getY (i) * 0.5)

    It is necessary to recompile qt.


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