Qt Widgets vs Qt Quick for desktop and mobile application

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    We have an application which should support both desktop and iOS. With rich UI controls and styles. which is the best way to develop the application either in qt widgets or QML. The codebase should be one and it should run on multiple platforms. I read in many forums that QML is inteneded for mobile platforms and widgets is good for desktop application. But my requirement is both. Please advice which one should I use for my application. Thanks

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    You can very well use QML for both. There are also QML components for desktop widgets like button etc. So you can just use one code base

  • Yes @SGaint. Even I prefer to go with QML. I am just thinking it will take long time to port/recode my existing UI in QML. Beacause i want to reuse my business logic and want to revamp UI. And also i heard that QML is not stable. Please advice!!

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    IMHO there is no general answer to your question since it depends on the complexity of your application.

    QML is preferred on mobile platforms because their interface is rather simple compared to desktop applications and you can quickly create it. Also i think you won't have the exactly same feature set on mobile and desktop platform?

    What i want to say is, it's not "bad design" to use QML on mobile and QWidgets on desktop. I would actually do so. But both can use the same application logic in the back.

  • Yes. Feature set will be less compared to desktop and a light weight app on mobile. Thank you

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