Video in qrc works on Windows and Android, not on Mac, iOS and Linux

  • I am creating an app which contains a collection of short video files and i am finding different behavior on different OS'es.

    Originally i manually copied the videos to a known location on each device and my QML successfully launched the videos on all 5 OS'es listed in the title of this post.

    Ive now moved the same videos into a qrc so that they can be deployed with the app. The app works fine on Windows and Android, but the videos do not play on Mac, iOS or Linux. The videos are identical its only their location that has changed. Is there a specfic plugin that i need to include in my app to make this work perhaps?

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    It's probably a problem on the multimedia backend side. However, I don't know the state of the regarding handling files coming from a resource you can check the "bug report system": to see if it's something known.

  • Seems its a bug. Its now logged here:

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