Qt Creator on Mac OS: Ctrl + Tab for switching documents

  • Hello everybody,

    On Windows and Linux the Ctrl+Tab shortcut is used for switching opened documents (or maybe more precisely: go to the previous opened document).

    Unfortunately this shortcut does not work on Mac OS.

    Could anybody please suggest me a way (maybe a hack) to enable it?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    In Keyboard Shortcut Preferences, I tried importing a .kms file where I set the entry QtCreator.GotoPreviousInHistory to Ctrl+Tab but it doesn't work.

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    AFAIK, that's done in the "Keyboar Shortcuts" panel in the keyboard preferences

  • Hi SGaist,

    That does not allow me to set Ctrl + Tab as shortcut.

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    Strange, however I don't know if it's an input bug

  • Hi, I also wanted the same behavior from ctrl-tab in Qt Creator on Win/Linux/Mac, but on the Mac it cannot be done by importing .kms files or going into Preferences in Qt Creator.
    Instead, quit Qt Creator, start Notepad, I mean TextEdit on qtcreator.ini
    On Windows that file is in your AppData\Roaming directory but on the Mac it's in ~/.config/QtProject
    Open the file, look for the [KeyboardShortcuts] section, inside it find QtCreator.GotoPreviousInHistory. In Windows you'd use something like "Ctrl+Tab" but on the Mac Ctrl is called Meta (go figure), so instead you write:

    Save and restart Qt Creator, voila

    EDIT: Forgot to say, if you have vanilla settings (i.e. using the default Option+Tab for switching) then there will be no QtCreator.GotoPreviousInHistory line present. In that case, just insert it on a new line :-)

  • Finally something that works !!! Thank you so much, hskoglund !

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