Qt for WinCe 6.0

  • Hello everybody!

    I have very problem setting Qt 5.4 for Windows CE 6.0
    I Have already Visual Studio 2008 (but I never use it for programming WinCe)...I search in google (i read also the faq on your site) but I don't know if it help.

    I downloaded last version of Qt community version, but how can use it form programming WinCe 6.0 for MIPSII cpu??

    In Compilers appear standardsdk_500 (MIPSII) I downloaded reading in this site.

    Can you help a noob?

    Thank you!

  • Hi forna91

    first officially WinCe 6.0 is not supported even there is a mkspec available.
    I know from Lars that it seems to be a big pain in the a** to keep suport for this old OS.


    For Qt5.4 and WEC7 under Win7 with VS2008 platform builder I have used the following command:
    configure.exe -platform win32-msvc2008 -xplatform wince70embedded-armv4i-msvc2008 -developer-build -qt-style-fusion -opensource -nomake examples -nomake tests -rtti -qt-crt -opengl es2 -no-accessibility -confirm-license

    It is really imported that the Mips SDK is correctly installed. The wince6 mkspec file must have the correct entry.

    I hope with this info you can build WinCe6.

    Cheers J

  • i search in the mkspec forled..i have only ARM cpu type...where can I find (if exist) MIPS cpu type?

    Thank you!

  • If there isn't one you have to write it yourself.
    There aren't many hardware outside with MIPS cpus.
    And in the link of my previous mail you can find the official supported platforms.
    You have to do it your self. Sorry.

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