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[Solved] How to connect() between wizardpage and thread

  • Hi!

    I am making a GUI app with wizard structure and I have:

    • the main.cpp
    • the class MainWindow : public QMainWindow basic class
    • class BaseWizard : public QWizard
    • class BasePage : public QWizardPage
    • all the pages(wp1, wp2, wp3 ...) like this: class WP1 : public BasePage

    And finally a thread to be able to do some background work when needed:

    • class WorkThread : public QThread

    So what I need is: In wp2 and wp6 for example, I need to do some background work so I suppose that I have to emit a signal which has to be connected to the workthread slot which does the work... I've do that but seems that there is something wrong with the connection:

    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    QApplication app(argc, argv);
    BaseWizard wizard; //this starts the app

    //this is for the connection between basepage and workthread
    BasePage bp;
    WorkThread mt;
    return app.exec();


    void BasePage::conexion(WorkThread *mt)
    connect(this, SIGNAL(swp2()), mt, SLOT(recwp2()));

    void BasePage::SendSignal()

    void WorkThread::recwp2()
    qDebug() << "hi";
    //do things

    and then in wp2 where I want to do the background work:

    I have debugged it and when the program arrives to the emit, then nothing happens. I know that the workthread is running well because if I do this, it prints the message:

    void WorkThread::run()

    void WorkThread::exec()

    Thank you so much!

  • Hi,

    In your case, you don't need to derive your Worker class from QThread. Derive it from QObject and move it to a QThread instance. Assuming that you derived your Worker object from QObject:
    // in the UI thread
    QThread workerThread = new QThread(this);
    Worker *worker = new Worker; //Don't set a parent
    worker->moveToThread( workerThread );

    // keep a pointer to Worker somewhere
    // make connections between wizard pages and Worker object.


    //in the destructor
    QThread *wt = worker->thread();


    You may "this page": useful.

    In your code, you seem to have reimplemented exec(). QThread::exec() runs an event loop so that the signals-slot mechanism works. You have properly rendered QThread useless by reimplementing that function. I'd suggest that you shouldn't derive from QThread until you consider yourself quite experienced with threads.

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    To add to ckakman, you are doing your connection on a page that you never show, nor put in your wizard

  • Hi,

    Yeah, that works for my problem :D

    Thank you!

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