[Windows Phone] Missing makefile.Debug and makefile.Release

  • Hey

    I am trying to convert my Android project to Windows Phone but I got a problem with compiling it. I think the problem is really complex, first of all my project compiles with no problem for linux, android and ios. The problem is with windows phone.

    When I try to compile my project for WP using Qt 5.3.1 and MSVC 2012 qmake doesnt generate makefiles to be exact makefile,Debug and makefile.Release and I only get error saying missing file.

    After that I tried to use Qt 5.4 with MSVC 2013, this one generated both makefiles and even started to compile, but it took a long time. Normally my project on linux compiles from clean state about 2 minutes but when I tried MSVC 2013 for Windows Phone it took like 2 hours and computer was frozen for the whole time, after that I got a lot of errors in moc_ files saying that some function are missing parameters(mostly signals).

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance

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