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Struggling with Qt Search options in files and globally

  • I am really missing some very basic search features in Qt Creator that are there in VS2010. Are these just not there or there is some way to access them? Here they are:

    1. Search a text in one window, than change focus to another window (like debug output) and press search next to continue search in that window. When I do this, Qt Creator searches in the old window even though focus is a new window. Is it possible?

    2. I do a local search in a file in Qt Creator but now I decided to do the same search globally. Unfortunately I always have to copy and past the same text to global search window and search again. This takes at least 2 more clicks and using mouse to select and past search. Is there a way I can do this quicker?

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    1. I'd say it's material for a feature request however if you select the panel and hit Ctrl+F you should get the last written value in it

    2. If you select/search a text then hit Ctrl+Shift+F you should get to the global search panel with the search line pre-filled with that text

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