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Qt Send SMS saves message in drafts

  • Hello

    Im using the following code to send SMS

    @QMessageAddress addr;
    QMessage message;
    QString to;
    bool result;
    to = aContact.detail(QContactPhoneNumber:efinitionName).value(QContactPhoneNumber::FieldNumber);
    result = iSystemMessageManager.send(message);@

    iSystemMessageManager is an object of QMessageService.

    However on deployin the code on the phone, the message is stored in drafts folder and doesnt go out. What may be wrong


    Edit: fixed title to something readable

  • Moderators

    What kind of phone are you using?

    Could you please set a proper title for your post?

  • Sorry abt the title. Corrected.

    Am using Nokia X6

  • Hi,

    Have you tried the following example at Forum Nokia: "How to send and receive messages in Qt for Symbian": ?

    The other option is to use "Symbian C++ code just to send SMS":

    Best regards,

    Please note that both examples require NetworkServices capability!

  • Thanks.
    I was missing NetworkServices capability. works now :)

    I have another doubt though.
    How can i send multiple sms;s at once.

    I understand single object of QMessageService can send only 1 sms at a time.
    Im using

    where iSystemMessageManager is QMessageService object.
    But no luck.

  • [quote author="yannifan" date="1303028540"]Thanks.
    I have another doubt though.
    How can i send multiple sms;s at once.


    Although I have not tested it myself. In my opinion you should be able to send sequence of SMS one after another. Have tried to create a method for sending and the call it multiple times with different arguments?


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