Is there any way to add the ODBC driver to Qt 5.4 from the Mac .DMG file?

  • Hi,

    I'm useless with Macs unfortunately and I'm trying to compile a program written in Qt 5.4 for Windows which requires ODBC driver support.

    After a huge amount of head scratching I managed to get the Mac I'm using to connect to my SQL Azure server using FreeTDS and unixODBC installed via Homebrew.

    I pointed my app at the FreeTDS driver but got a "Driver Not Loaded Driver Not Loaded" error on compile.

    After a lot more head scratching I've realised this is because the .DMG file I downloaded to install Qt5.4 doesn't come with the QODBC driver. Initially I tried to qmake the driver in the clang_64 sqldrivers folder but that obviously didn't work since there was no makefile to use.

    I've since tried editing the Homebrew formula for Qt5 but whenever I try to install Homebrew enters interactive mode. I've tried running ./configure make and make install from Homebrew interactive mode but that didn't work.

    Can anyone provide simple instructions or a link to a walkthrough for installing Qt5 with ODBC support on a Mac?


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    "Here": you can find the procedure to build the driver. First thing you have to install Qt's sources which should be offered by the installer

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