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Qt on Windows RT ARM

  • I have just started looking at using Qt for developing my next mobile app and am wondering if Qt supports compilation to ARM Windows Runtime binaries so that an app can work on something like a Surface RT. As far as I can tell there is only an X64 compiler for Runtime apps at the moment. Having only an X64 compiler for this is a bit useless though because any machine that can run it will also be able to run a normal Desktop version of the app. It is very strange though that there is support for Windows Phone ARM compilation and I am guessing that if they can implement that then they can implement it for Windows Runtime too. Am I missing something here or is this really not supported at the moment and if so, what are the plans for supporting it?

  • I have successfully compiled WinRT ARM (5.4.1 from git). There was one minor compilation bug (which I reported with a fix).

    But there is a huge problem with displaying Qml content at the moment (I already submitted a bug report for this as well) where the content is distorted. This is very likely caused by some bug in the Angle/OpenGL wrapper.

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