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[SOLVED] Set Android App Showing Name

  • Hi, everyone!

    I'm pretty sure someone mus have ask the same before me, but I could not find a post or anny in google to solve this.
    So here is my question (Maybe re-asked)

    I'm deploying an app on Android.
    I have auto generated the following files inside my project folder:

       ├── AndroidManifest.xml
       ├── build.gradle
       ├── gradle
       │   └── wrapper
       │   ├── gradle-wrapper.jar
       │   └──
       ├── gradlew
       ├── gradlew.bat
       └── res
       └── values
       └── libs.xml@

    Editing AndroidManifest.xml allow me to set the app icon etc etc...

    But the App Name, as it is set here, is only show in the install and uninstall screen.

    The App Icon in the Launcher always show the project name.

    How can it be set different?


  • You should set the 'android:label' in the application tag of AndroidManifest.xml
    <application android:label="The Name of the App" ... >

  • The android:label value is already set in the AndroidManifest.xml

    But in android the app icon at the launcher still have the project name.

    The Label is only shown on the app information screen at the phone settings.

  • Strange. I always set the android:label and it's shown everywhere.
    The first time you installed the app on the device the android:label was already set or not ?
    Because, some devices doesn't update information on the launcher if the app is upgraded via deployment on USB cable (as you normally do for testing the app).
    If it's the case, the completely delete the app and re-install.

  • MathArtist
    I had a similar problem. Established applicattion android:label=""App name" and activity android:label=""App name" - then the problem disappeared, and began to appear name, which i set.

  • Thank you very much DOOMer,
    It solve the problem.

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