[Solved] How to link QZXing?

  • Hello, i need QR code encoder/decoder which i can use at the Android/iOS. Will be supper if it will be possible to use at the QML
    I try to findout some solution to use QZXing lib, but almost all links lead to the Nokia site, and currently Microsoft don't support them any more :(

    is some one can explain how correct use this lib?
    as i understand, i should make static plugin from QZXing lib and static link this plugin to my app, is it correct?

    PS: or maybe someone know some other libs for encode/decode QR code?

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    IIRC, you only need to include the QZXing.pri in your own project to build it.

  • [quote author="SGaist" date="1419282095"]Hi,

    IIRC, you only need to include the QZXing.pri in your own project to build it.[/quote]

    Tnx 4 answer!
    I hope for it, but i didn't find any pri file, maybe i take some not correct lib.
    i take lib from here: https://github.com/dplanella/qzxing

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    My bad, I was referring to another library with the same name. IIRC for that one you should only need to build and install it to make it available to your application.

  • easy to say, install :)) i need deploy to android and iOS :)) if hunestly i can't imagen how to do it with shared lib.

  • [quote author="SGaist" date="1419283003"]I was referring to another library with the same name[/quote]

    could you provide link to this lib if it's possible?

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    The install process should copy what's need in your Qt installation not your target

    "Other one":http://sourceforge.net/p/qzxing

  • Looks like this port for old (Qt4) version of Qt. :(
    What about instalation? Do you know some howto/wiki/manual where i can read details?

  • Tnx a lot SGaist, your's link to the prev. version of the lib is more then good for me. I can't do QML component, but i make C++ function which i use for determinate QR code, unfortunately for me this is a long process (UI is freezing), will be think, how to invoke method in another thread if it possible...
    Tnx a lot again!

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    Did you call "make install" after your built the library ? (the first you tried) It should copy what's needed to the right place in your Qt installation.

    You can use the worker object paradigm described in QThread's "documentation":http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qthread.html

  • SGaist: no i don't call make install, AFAIK this will install lib to the local target, but i need use this lib at the android device, so i can't imagen how it will help for me.

    About second qestion: i'd like to try QtConcurrent::run if it will be possible to use in this case.

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    And that's exactly what must be done. Adding the library to the local copy will make it available to build your application. I becomes then a dependency that must be copied to your target.

    Possible it should be yes.

  • About multithreading:
    i make class handler based on QRunnable, and invoke it over QThreadPull, it is work for me.

    Is some one try to generate QRCode using QZXing? i can't find any render or somthen like it classes...

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    AFAIK, it's a decoding library

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