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IPhone 5 main window not fitting properly like iPad Air

  • I have a simple utility I am working on that uses QGLWidget's. I can export to iPhone and Android and it works pretty good. I just got the app to run on iPhone 5 and noticed that the main window isn't fitting properly. I've attached two images showing the way its supposed to look on a iPad Air and the iPhone 5 version. Now obviously, the widget layout has to squeeze down to accomodate the smaller iPhone 5 screen. But if you look at the openGL portion, you will notice on the iPad air version, there is a white border all around the open GL portion that is missing on the iphone 5 version.

    Wonder if anyone has any ideas...

    ! Air Version)!

    ! 5 version)!

  • The more I am looking at this, it appears that Apple's status bar at the top seems to not be factored into the window size. I suspect if I can get rid of that status bar, the window will properly fit. Its low on my priority list right now, I'll get to it later.

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