No audio after Qt app is installed [SOLVED]

  • I've created a simple wav file streaming app. It is working fine within the development environment. Now I need to deploy it.

    I am using BitRock to deploy the app.

    BitRock seems to install the app on the test machine correctly. The app launches without complaints about missing DLLs, etc.

    When I attempt to cause the app to play a particular wav file it successfully connects to the sever, downloads the wav and begins playing the wav; visually it appears to be working fine. The problem is that no sound comes from the speakers.

    Note: I am attempting to deploy a debug build.

    Troubleshooting attempted:

    1. I guessed the app needed some plug in. Adding the following had no effect:

    Other details:
    Qt 5.4
    OS Win7/64bit
    MSVC 2012

    As of now I

  • Well, I consider those to be good, common-sense questions. I forgot to add what I did to verify that the target machine was capable of emitting sound.

    What I did to validate that the target machine was cable of emitting sound:

    1. I installed my player on two different machines. I encountered the same failure on both machines.

    2. I ran Microsoft's media player on both target machines. This player emitted sound through the target computers' speakers immediately.

    I conducted the following on only one of these machines

    1. I checked the volume mixer. All volume controls are set to max.

    pklemm "reported": the following solve his problem:

    bq. I had plabq. ced the dsengine.dll and qtmedia_audioengine.dll in the folder:
    <app dir>/plugins/mediaservice
    it needs to be:
    <app dir>/mediaservice

    I tried this. Didn't help.

    For now, I am going with <app dir>/mediaservice

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    Can you start your application from a console setting QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS to 1 ? That should give you more information about what happens with your plugins

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    Thanks for sharing your findings !

    You also have "here": a nicely illustrated wiki entry about Window's deployment that shows the folder structure.

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