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Qt 5.4 iOS White Startup Screen

  • Qt 5.4 C++

    Moving from 5.3 to 5.4 when the app starts, I now get a white screen with the app name in the middle for a few seconds. Doesn't look good.

    Is this something that needs addressing in XCode via the LaunchScreen setup, or is it Qt causing the problem? I would guess it's Qt as it did not do it in 5.3.

    Thanks, Carl

  • Same problem for me...but it happens only on iOS 8, with iOS 7 I get the correct launch screen configured using assets.

  • In IOS8, startup screen is defined by a xib file. Qt 5.4 includes a default xib file with a label with the name of application.

    If you use a custom .plist file in your project (using QMAKE_INFO_PLIST). You can create a xib file in XCode, copy the file, and include the entry in .plist:


    You can specify launch images to IOS8, but it's not recommended.
    You can read more "here":

  • @TioRoy have you been able to get a different xib file to be used as launch screen ? i've read the platform notes at but i can't get it to pickup on it. it still uses the default xib.

  • @clogwog never mind. found that when i change the name of the xib from launchscreen to startscreen.xib it works. now only have to figure out how to add images to the xib....

  • @clogwog

    You can use another name to start xib, but you need a plist file in your .pro. We copied the file generated by qmake, to make some changes.

    To add images, put the images in your project directory and include in your .pro.

    ios {
        QMAKE_INFO_PLIST = $$PWD/ios/Info.plist  
        BUNDLE_DATA.files = $$PWD/ios/icons/Icon.png \
            $$PWD/ios/icons/Icon@2x.png \
            $$PWD/ios/icons/Icon-60.png \
            $$PWD/ios/icons/Icon-60@2x.png \
            $$PWD/ios/icons/Icon-72.png \
            $$PWD/ios/icons/Icon-72@2x.png \
            $$PWD/ios/icons/Icon-76.png \
            $$PWD/ios/icons/Icon-76@2x.png \
            $$PWD/ios/icons/Icon-Small.png \
            $$PWD/ios/icons/Icon-Small@2x.png \
            $$PWD/ios/icons/Icon-Small-40.png \
            $$PWD/ios/icons/Icon-Small-40@2x.png \
            $$PWD/ios/icons/Icon-Small-50.png \
            $$PWD/ios/icons/Icon-Small-50@2x.png \

  • Note that iOS has a bug where it caches old launch screens

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