Android Multicast can't receive!

  • Hi guys:

    I'm new comer, and I want start a project that Android App communicate with Windows PC.

    I want to send package to multicast group from PC, and Android App join multicast group and listen the group.

    My platform: Windows 8.1, Qt Creator 3.3.0, Qt 5.4.0(MSVC 2010. 32bit)

    So I use example 「Multicast Receiver Example」、「Multicast Sender Example」, PC start Sender, App start Receiver, but App can't receive any package from multicast.
    I was tried use two phone run receiver and sender example, or two PC, it works, but PC and App works failed.
    But why ?
    I was search a topic, link as below

    That says need to set

    But I don't know how to set it.
    If I set it, can solve my problem ? or other way?

    Thanks everybody read my problem with my poor English....

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