How to select wifi for ftp transfers?

  • I can successfully use QFtp to upload a file to the ftp server through a Ethernet connection on my panda board, but I need to redirect FTP transactions though my wifi (wlan0) interface. Anyone have any idea how to do this?
    P.S. I can use "iw event" to tell me when the wifi is connected.

  • Since no one knows how to do this, I found one way adding the server static IP to the routing table:
    @ip route add [SERVER_IP_ADDRESS] dev wlan0@

    only one more problem. I have some tcp traffic that needs to go through eth0 and ftp traffic needs to go through wlan0.

    Anyone know how to divert traffic based on protocol type?

  • @PieterB
    QSocket class have metod which can chose web interface for connect. Use it. QFtp inheritate after QScocket.

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