QT Build: -skip -qtwebkit does NOT work

  • Hi guys,
    i am trying to compile qt 5.3.* without webkit, q3support, QML, Quick, ICU. But the configure script says: the qtwebkit and ... don`t exist.
    so: -skip qtwebkit -skip qtquick -no-q3support doesn´t work. Only no-icu is working.
    I dont want to use Git repo to exclude webkit. is there other method?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    The qt3support library doesn't exist in Qt 5. You can also simply delete the folders from the module you don't want to build. However what is the exact error you are getting ?

  • In addition to what SGaist said, it could be you also need to explicitely set -skip qtwebkit-examples.
    Though that probably should not cause a problem during configure, only later during build.

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