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Start a network search

  • Hello guys

    At first, I am a total newbee and hope you can give me some advise :)

    Just some description of my problem:
    I live in Austria and work in Germany. I also have got a German mobile provider. My problem now is, that anytime, i go back to Austria, my mobile phone looses the connection to the network operator and starts a new search. Then it get's only Austrian mobile providers and roams, Until here everything is fine.
    But when I go to work, it does not loose the connection, because I am working pretty close to the frontier. So it stays roaming in the Austrian network. And that's the problem.

    The only way I am possible switch to my German provider is to start a network search manually.
    Now I want to write a app to solve this problem, because I don't want to do this manually every day.

    How/Can I start a network search in Qt?
    Can a "cut" the current connection, to force the OS searching for a all possible network operators?

    Thanks :)

  • Moderators

    This looks highly OS-specific and Qt does not cater for that use case, at least as far as I am aware. You will need to resort to native controls for your platform.

  • I was afraid to hear somethink like that :/
    Thanks anyway

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