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QOpenGLWidget is not supported on this platform error.

  • So I just got my application to fire up after doing some tweaks. I changed out QGLWidgets with QOpenGLWidgets. When I launched the app, I got this warning:

    @QOpenGLWidget is not supported on this platform error.@

    Is anyone out there encountered this?

    edit: btw, I tried the helloGL2 demo on my ipad air II, and got the same error.

  • Same for me with the cube example. I think this widget is not supported yet on ios.

  • Yes. The iOS port does not yet support QQuickWidget and QOpenGLWidget.

  • Hmm. Then I'm still using QGLWidget. I'm getting a bunch of warnings coming through when I convert in Qt 5.4 that didn't occur in 5.3. I'll need to post the warnings and get some help figuring out whats going on.

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