[Solved] Cannot compile application for iOS simulator on OS X Yosemite

  • Hi

    I am using Qt5.3 for compiling a Qt/QML application for iOS simulator. At link I get many errors of the type:

    @54 duplicate symbols for architecture i386@

    For example
    @duplicate symbol __ZTS11ModelObject in:

    I have seen that there are similar error reports on Qt bug tracker, but developers said that the bug cannot be reproduced. I have tried with Qt5.4 RC, but I get the same error.

    Could someone help solving this issue ?


  • Could you post a small project (.pro and source files) that reproduce an error.

  • Hi

    Just removing declarative library from the list of dependences solved my problem:

    -QT += gui declarative qml quick sensors positioning network svg
    +QT += gui qml quick sensors positioning network svg


  • Hi !
    I got the same problem but i need declarative, if i simply remove it i have (of course) a lot of undefined symbols.
    Any Solution for that case ?



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