Refresh ui / close ui and open it again

  • Hello,

    After creating or deleting a sqlite dataset i have to close the ui and open it again to see the modifications/changes.

    How can is refresh my ui?

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    That's a bit vague of a question, how are you doing the add/remove ?

  • I have a window/ui where i can see all datasets of my sqlite database

    if i execute for example an insert sql statement by clicking a pushbutton in this window, one dataset will added.

    if i want to see this dataset, i have to close this window and open it again.

    what i want to do is refresh my window with code

    you know what i mean? :)

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    Then you would have to call select on the model. However, you could also use a QSqlTableModel and update the database through it, this would automatically update the corresponding view(s)

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