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Dlclose fails when using with QNetworkAccessManager on QNX

  • Hello,

    I am seeing a peculiar issue in my code with respect to dlclose.

    I have created a DownloadManager as part of a plugin on QNX. The DownloadManager downloads a file from a http link that gets passed to it. Once my process completes, I unload the plugin and I see the error: "dlclose failed: Shared objects still referenced". On debugging, I found that the issue seems to be occurring due to the QNetworkAccessManager that is getting created. I have tried directly deleting the QNetworkAccessManager instance as well as using deleteLater() but to no avail. I still keep seeing the same problem.

    I have pasted a part of my code below:
    : m_Manager( NULL ),
    m_Reply( NULL ),
    m_File( NULL ),
    m_DownloadSizeAtPause( 0 )
    m_Manager = new QNetworkAccessManager();
    if( NULL == m_Manager )
    qDebug() << "Qt Network manager is null";

        Destructor for DownloadFile
        if( NULL != m_Reply )
            //delete m_Reply;
            m_Reply = NULL;
        if( NULL != m_Manager )
            qDebug() << "Manager not null";
            //delete m_Manager;
            m_Manager = NULL;
        if( m_File->isOpen() )
        if( NULL != m_File )
            delete m_File;
            m_File = NULL;


    I am currently using Qt5.3.1 on QNX 6.6.
    I noticed at that a dlclose issue has been fixed. I am not sure if this problem is related to the fixed bug in anyway.

    Appreciate any pointers to resolve this problem.


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