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QT 5.4 / QtWebKit and GStreamer 1.0

  • I have been working on an app that is using both webkit & gstreamer 1.0.

    GStreamer seemed unusable in this particluar app.
    After hours of searching, i figured out that QtWebkit was using GStreamer 0.10 and that it was purely impossible to use GStreamer 1.0 in the same app.

    GStreamer 0.10 has been abandonned since 2013. I was hoping to see Gstreamer 1.0 coming into qt 5.4 both for QtWebKit and QtMultimedia, but it seems at least that in the 5.4RC it is still using gstreamer 0.1.

    I have seen a large number of posts & mailing list mentionning that the port was in progress.

    Is it possible to have some feedback about this please ?

    This is so frustrating not to be able to use a not so recent gstreamer version ....

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    Looks like this "mail answer": is what you are looking for

  • Thanks SGaist glad to see it's coming :)

    Not sure what's the best place to ask between forums / mailing lists, but will it be possible to get some information about the way to get it built from dev branch ?

    I mean i know how to build qt from dev branch, but i have read of eventual configure flags to use so that it uses GStreamer 1.0, would be nice to give it a shot and be able to move on :)

  • digging into QtMultemidia repo on the dev branch, i found this commit :

    it's not 100% clear to me how to pass the GST_VERSION=1.0 to qmake.

    I tried both :

    GST_VERSION=1.0 /usr/local/Qt-5.5.0/bin/qmake


    /usr/local/Qt-5.5.0/bin/qmake CONFIG+= "GST_VERSION=1.0"

    but the config doesnt seem to find gstreamer

    if i look at config.log i can see :

    cd /home/pi/qt5-dev/qtmultimedia/config.tests/gstreamer && /usr/local/Qt-5.5.0/bin/qmake -spec /usr/local/Qt-5.5.0/mkspecs/linux-g++ "CONFIG -= qt debug_and_release app_bundle lib_bundle" /home/pi/qt5-dev/qtmultimedia/config.tests/gstreamer
    Project ERROR: gstreamer-0.10 development package not found

    So it's more likely still looking for 0.10 version ...

    Did i do something wrong with passing the GST_VERSION parameter ?

  • Try this one
    /usr/local/Qt-5.5.0/bin/qmake GST_VERSION=1.0

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