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QOpenGLFunctions in Android(Mobile Devices)

  • I have a simple doubt here:

    I have a 3D Engine working properly for desktops, and i create all the OpenGL interface Using the QOpenGLFunctions_M_M classes, where i map all the avaliable functions for every version of the OpenGL avaliable in hardware , and my system detect this and Disable/Enable Funtionalities acoordingly with the version avaliable.

    Well...i´m porting now this engine to Mobile Devices and when i´m compiling the engine using the Android Kit the system not find the definition of the QOpenGLFunctions_M_M classes , but find out the QOpenGLFunctions class.

    This is normal? becouse we have avaliable too the QOpenGLFunctionsES to Map the OpenGL ES functions...

    If not, why this classes are not being find by QT , since the Kit for MSVC , for example find it?

    Kind Regards.

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