StartActivity will crash on Android because the Asset path is wrong.

  • when I use the following code to start a new activity to play a video, it will succeed on both my phone and emulator, but when I run it on my android tv, it will crash. @
    Intent intent = new Intent(QtNative.activity(), TvVideoView.class);
    intent.putExtra("mediaUrl", mediaUrl);

    it reports that:
    @ Asset path vendor/framework/mitv-framework-res.apk is neither a directory nor file (type=1).@

    I use adb tool to check my tv box, and mitv-framework-res.apk is located at the root path, which should be "/vendor/framework/mitv-framework-res.apk",and Qt is looking for it in the local path, is this a bug in Qt?
    How to set the correct asset path for vendor framework?

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