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How can I combine C++(QtWidget) UI with QtQuick UI in the same app and also work on Android?

  • Hi everyone ,

    QQuickWidget class was introduced with the advent of the new version of Qt 5.3 and works perfectly if the application runs on Windows / Linux but I noticed that the Android platform is not supported. I would like to know if anyone has faced this problem too and if there is an alternative to QQuickWidget that works on Android. What I am trying to do is to combine QML and C++ so I could open a new QtQuick interface from QtWidget form. I tried before QQuickWidget to use QWidget::createWindowContainer and QQuickView and also worked well on Windows but not on Android. Does anyone know if it will settle the subsequent versions or someone tried Qt 5.4 ?

    For example this project:

    works fine on Windows but on Android emulator it only appears the Window with LCD number and the second Window which contains the Qml and the QQuickWidget is empty.

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