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Program hangs when i emit a global variable (Solved)

  • A qt statement connect Slot and Signals together. Like to understand how variable qint8
    is pass from Signals functions to Slot functions.

    extern qint8 myvalue; //in slots cpp
    connect(UdpReceived, SIGNAL(TriggerReceived(qint8)), this, SLOT(TriggerSlot(qint8))) //constructor

    void TriggerReceived(qint8 myvalue); //declaration, in signals .h

    qint8 myvalue //global value
    emit TriggerReceived( myvalue); //definition, in signals .cpp

    Or =====
    qint8 myvalue; //signals .h


    i understand moc(meta object compiler) connects them together but how is varaible pass?
    The reason is because i declare variable-myvalue as global instead as class public variable.
    The program hangs either i emits this global or public variable

    Please enlighten me.

  • Could pass variable through connecting two objects but could not pass variables using extern. Why ??

    connect(UdpReceived, SIGNAL(TriggerReceived(qint8)), this, SLOT(TriggerSlot(qint8)))

    I could not pass variables using extern

    extern qint8 m_valuetopass

    connect(UdpReceived, SIGNAL(TriggerReceived()), this, SLOT(TriggerSlot()))

    signal has no implementation, but "emit TriggerReceived( myvalue)" is not declaration, either.

  • Thanks, Initially i did not emit a signal with parameter by value. I use a global value to pass between 2 cpp files.

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