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Enquiry regarding PyQt libraries and cost of commercial PyQt

  • Hello,

    I am about to develop a commercial software application using PyQt, for this currently
    I am using QT Creator with python and PyQt4 installer I downloaded from riverbank computing.
    Regarding this project work I would like to know following things

    1. If I develop a commercial software application using PyQt open source and since my product contains default QT libraries, will it be a distribution problem to any QT licence issues in future?

    2. May I know, what is the cost of buying latest QT for 1 licence with 3 users?

    Enquiry Regarding PyQt libraries and the cost of commercial PyQt.

    If the forum topic which I posted is incorrect someone please help me to redirect, somebody please help me soon

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    For Qt's licensing cost you should directly contact The Qt Company (there are several possibilities with their own benefits) and for PyQt, Riverbank Computing Ltd is the contact.

    This forum is more user oriented

  • Dear SGaist,

    Thanks a lot for responding my query

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