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QT5 Static build with “QT Add-on API” Xmlpatterns

  • My core target is to build a xml schema validation Qt static application. I am using QT 5.2.1 with MinGW4.8 (32bit) . I have successfully configured Qt with static build and running successfully . But in the .pro file when i use to enter Qt += xmlpatterns it gives me an error of invalid sub module. I read that , i have to make the make file manually by specifying the location of the file.

    Will it work ?


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Something's not clear, did you successfully built Qt statically ?

  • I have build Qt statically but when i am including Qt add-on e.g. "QT +=xmlpatterns" it is given me an error of un-defined modules . Which i guess clearly states that "configure" does not create the Makefile .

    I have read of alot of things and didn't found any solution .

    In this "thread": i have found that i have to add xmlpattern manually so configure can create its makefile .

    Is that so ?

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    Did you only build qtbase ?

    Normally you shouldn't need to but since I don't know how you called configure and which option you gave to it, I can't comment.

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