Unable to start QThread in Qt 5.4 beta

  • I recently installed Qt 5.4 beta. I am facing an issue with QThread. QThread::start() function never returns. It just hangs there. For example in the below code snippet:

    void EmulatorTest::threadTest(){
    QThread thread;
    qDebug() << "starting thread";
    qDebug() << "thread started";
    The debug statement "thread started" never gets printed and my application hangs. Please let me know if anyone is facing this issue.

  • You use emulator or real devices to test your code?

  • In this case I have used emulator. But with Qt 5.3 I had used both emulator and device and that worked fine.

  • I suggest you try Qt 5.4 RC once it is available.

  • Hi Vincent,

    I have tried Qt 5.4 RC as well and still the same issue. This time I tested it on both emulator and windows phone.

    Please advise.

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