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Qt 4.7.2 - Application with QWebView crashes at start

  • Hi,

    I am trying to start simple application on my device - e52. Application has only one ui component - QWebView. I didn't wrote any code - just put widget on main form. In the simulator it works good, but on real device application crahes at start.
    I'm using QtSDK 1.1 beta and Qt 4.7.2 on my Nokia device.

    Thank you.

  • What kind of device? If it is symbian: Do you have all the required capabilities (e.g. to access the network).

  • Device is Nokia e52 with Symbian^1. Yes, I have NetworkServices capability. Anyway - I even don't load any web pages - application crashes without any network access.
    May be there are some additional components I have to install?

  • And I also have same problem with C7 phone. I install qt.sis and qtwebkit.sis for Symbian^3 from QtSDK files. And all applications with QWebView are crash at start. However on remote device access C7 everything is OK. What could be wrong on my devices?

  • try to install the qtmobility sis package which matching your qt version on device

  • Thank you! It works now!

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