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[solved]QSerial Port readReady() signal not working with QML based GUI

  • I am using qml for the first time and am trying to integrate a c++ class that uses QSerialport with a qml gui.
    the class only has to notify the qml when the serial port is connected or disconnected. I can connect/disconnect and write to the port just fine but am not getting any data being returned. I have tried to read the port manually which returns nothing and I have also tried to use the readyRead() signal which does not seem to work. Does anyone have any suggestions on how too properly use QSerialport with a qml gui?

  • Thanks for the quick reply but after a night of scratching my head I figured out that the DTR flag needed to be manually set. This was for an arduino leonardo which requires the DTR signal before it will work properly. I assume this will be the same for all arduino boards that utilize an atmega chip with usb.

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