QGLWidget child class not be added into Layout

  • hi! i'm korean developer (not North, Republic) and got a problem
    (please understand me although my English is poor.)

    i develop a application that receives jpeg images, (from udp) and paints into widget.
    so that, i defined a class renderGLWidget inheriting QGLWidget.
    renderGLWidget class has two method, one is public that receives QPixmap image through parameter, the other that repaints received image is re-defined(protected).
    it works well at the Desktop enviroments (windows, compiled with MINGW and MSVC)

    but at the Android (version 4.4, kitkat, GCC 4.3), it works well however doesn't added to Layout.
    it always paints at the least, and application can't affect geometry to renderGLWidget.
    so all of pixel printed from start point (0,0), and other widgets overlay renderGLWidget.

    i explained layouts into above image and try add renderGLWidget to screenLayout

    please help me... T.T

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