How will users add extra functionality in QML based plugin system?

  • I've got a small application where users may create their own plugins as QML-files.
    These plugins get notification upon certain events and their user-interfaces are displayed one-by-one in a TabView.

    Some plugins however need functionality which can't be provided via QML like writing to files.
    How would I enable my users to extend the functionality as they please?

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    If you don't want them to write anything else than QML you'll have to provide them with you own set of QML extensions they can use to extend your application.

  • I do want them to write the other stuff too but I don't know how I'd enable them to do so.
    Can you point me in the right direction?

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    Well, document your API, provide them with examples i.e. a mini SDK for your application. One thing that can be useful skeleton projects to create the plugins

  • Yes I will do that but my problem is a technical one.

    My users can already load their own QML-files but I have no clue myself how they can extend them with the functions they need (which aren't available via QML)
    My application is just a binary loading these QML files, providing some data for the plugins and showing it.

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    Since they will need a library to link against, you have to separate your application in tow: library and main application. Your users will then link to that library, when they want to extend your application

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