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MDI Parent Frame with floatable clint frames and selection tab

  • Hello,
    i am new to qt and want to figure out if i can create an application with QT in a straight manner (so no custom hacks).


    1. An MDI parent frame (seems to be possible)
    2. Clients the can be arranged within this parent in a standard way: tile horinzontally, vertically and as cascade.
      Seems also to be possible.
    3. The Clients can be selected by a tabcontrol (not sure)
    4. It is possible to release clients from MDI parent to have them as toplevel windows and vice versa.
      So the user should be able to switch between docked and floating state. (Found no information about)

    Is all this possible with QT (on Windows) ?
    Thank you in advance

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    1 and 2) QMdiArea
    3) focus handling
    4) Might be a bit more tricky to put the widget back in the container, something that works like a QDockWidget ?

  • Hello SGaist,
    thank you for reply.

    The QDockWidget sounds like a dockable pane. I am not sure if this
    is in line with the QMdiArea as it may expects something different from
    QDockWidgets as client

    However, do you think it is possible just to move the view (or a subwindow)
    from the MDI child into a new created toplevel and on closing this toplevel
    frame, to create a new MDI child and moving back the view (subwindow)
    into this MDI child ?

    Basically something like a Reparent..?

    I ask this instead of trying on my own because i like to avoid to setup
    the whole qt environment and to create a quick example in order to check this out. I fear a bit the time.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Indeed they are different but the question was more about whether the features you want are similar to those of QDockWidget.

    Yes it should be, you can add and remove sub windows in QMdiArea so nothing stops you from implementing that.

    Go with the MinGW package, you don't have anything more to install

  • Thank you for reply.
    will checkout

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